Safe Isolation Kit

Socket and See Safe Isolation Kit

The Socket & See VIPUKIT safe isolation kit combines a CATIV probe tester and battery operated AC proving unit to satisfy the requirement to check the tester before and after use.

Kit consists of:

    Socket & See VIP150 Voltage Probe Tester

  • Socket & See SP400 Professional Proving Unit
  • Instrument Carry Case

Socket & See VIP150 Probe Voltage Tester

  • Six voltage range 6-12-50-120-230-400V AC/DC
  • Built to CAT IV 600V safety standards
  • Compact design encourages safe site use
  • Generous 1.4 metres of ultra-flexible double insulated cable joins the two probes
  • No batteries required
  • Conforms to EN 61010

Socket & See SP400 Professional Proving Unit

  • Test two pole volt testers including multimeters and test lamps
  • Generate AC waveform for a true testing
  • Compact design encourages routine safety checks
  • Automatic test function to conserve batteries
  • Step voltage LED’s indicate voltage being generated 50-100-230-400-690V
  • Low battery indication gives ample warning to replace batteries

Electrical safety code of practice 2013

Managing electrical risks in the workplace

9.4 Test instruments

Testing equipment used for detecting an energised source should be checked to prove that it is functioning correctly immediately before and after the test has taken place. The standard test regime is to test a known source of energy, test the de-energised circuit for zero volts then test the known source again.

5.1 General principles – verification of de-energised electrical equipment

If voltage testers are used they should be tested for correct operation immediately before use and again after use to confirm that the instrument is still working. This check should be considered to be part of the ‘TEST FOR ‘DEAD’ BEFORE YOU TOUCH’ safe work principle.


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